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Dock 72 Fitness Center - Rules & Regulations

To ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all members, we ask that all facility users and guests follow our standard rules and regulations.

Facility Access

  • Weekday Access During Staff Hours Only

  • No Weekend Access

  • All Access Requires An Approved Membership And Approved Credentials (See Below)

  • There Are No Limitations On The Duration Of Each Visit, Or The Number Of Visits



  • Membership Provided Complimentary For Active Dock 72 Clients

  • Brooklyn Navy Yard tenants may purchase memberships on a monthly basis (no contract)--availability subject to change.



  • Immediately Stop Exercising If Pain, Dizziness Or Nausea Is Experienced

  • Exercise At Own Risk At All Times

  • Building Management Reserves The Right To Alter Any Rule At Any Time


Guests & Outside Trainers

  • No Guests Allowed Except Via Authorized Guest Passes

  • No Outside Trainers At Any Time


Equipment & Studios

  • Equipment Is Available On A First Come Basis

  • Bluetooth Headphones Must Be Used With All Fitness Entertainment Systems Or While Working Out With Music Or Video Programs

  • Working Out In Studios Is Permitted While Classes Are Not In Use, However Use Is Non-Exclusive And All Equipment Must Be Returned To Original Locations

  • Outside Equipment Is Not Permitted


Mobile Phones

  • Mobile Phones Are Permitted, But Not In The Locker Rooms (No Exceptions) – Speaker Phones Are Not Permitted Anywhere (Headphones Only)


Attire & Gym Etiquette

  • Acceptable Gym Attire Must Be Worn At All Times, Including Shirts, Shoes And Socks – No Bare Feet or Socks Except In The Locker Rooms And At Explicitly Designated Events Such As A Yoga Class

  • Wipe Down All Equipment With Gym Wipes After Use

  • Re-Rack Weights And Return Equipment To Its Original Location After Use

  • All Equipment Is To Be Used For Its Standard/Intended Purpose At All Times

  • No Smoking, No Drugs

  • Soiled Towels Are To Be Deposited In Indicated Hampers At All Times

  • Cameras Are Prohibited At All Times


Food & Drink

  • Other Than Capped Water Bottles And Suitable Snacks (Ex: Energy Bars), No Food Or Drink Is Permitted

  • Glass Containers Are Never Permitted

  • Alcohol Is Prohibited At All Times



  • No Overnight Storage Of Personal Belongings In Lockers (Or Anywhere Else) Except Per Premium Membership Options In Designated Lockers


Inclusivity and Locker Room Access

  • The Dock 72 Fitness Center is an inclusive facility. Members are permitted to use the locker room that most closely aligns with their gender, regardless of their gender expression, sex assigned at birth, anatomy, medical history, or the sex or gender indicated on their identification. Discrimination and harassment against transgender and non-binary people will not be tolerated.

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